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NETWORLD - The specialist translation and interpreting services company with the longest and best track record in Sardinia (Italy), and with a portfolio of international customers. Suppliers to the European Commission and other major public agencies and private companies.

Founded in 1998 by experienced professionals, over the years, Networld has selected a network of qualified in-house and external translators and interpreters working in the main European languages. All our translators are highly qualified and experienced and work in accordance with our exacting quality standards, enforced through quality control on all the work we deliver to our customers.

Our main translation services:

  • Technical and scientific translations;
  • Legal and financial translations
  • Website, marketing and business translations
  • Sworn and certified translations
  • Transcription of audio recordings
  • Translations of policy documents, proceedings, projects, official documents, reports, guidelines, press releases etc.


In all EU languages, plus Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Kazakh and Farsi/Dari/Persian.

Plus localization of websites, software and smartphone apps, using the communication style best suited to the product’s target country.

Our company has a team of highly qualified professional interpreters of proven experience, able to handle highly complex topics: medicine, finance, business, engineering, science, EU policies. We cover the full range of interpreting services, including:

  • Simultaneous conference interpreting (in the booth or with portable audio equipment)
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Liaison interpreting
  • Whispered translation (chuchotage)
  • Tele-conference or web-conference interpreting


To honour our quality pledge we have carefully selected translators and interpreters who are experienced and meet the following criteria

  • holding university qualifications as language specialists, translators and/or interpreters
  • having documented experience in the source languages and – for written translations – only translating into their mother tongue, in specific sectors they are experienced in
  • pursuing ongoing professional development and using dedicated IT tools (translation memories, terminologies etc.)


To request a quote, please contact us at, possibly attaching the document to be translated.

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