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NETWORLD - The specialist translation and interpreting services company with the longest and best track record in Sardinia (Italy) and a portfolio of international customers.

Established by experienced and qualified professionals in 1998, over the years Networld has strengthened its highly selected team of in-house and partner professionals (find out more...)

Our pledge

... We pride ourselves in the top quality of our translation and interpreting services. Our workflow management system ensures we provide excellent value for money, plus timely delivery.

The quality of our services has been recognised by EU institutions:

Supplier of translation services to the European Parliament (check our references...)

Public authorities

For the past 17 years we have supplied language services to public authorities in Italy and Europe and since 15 years we have been official translators for the EU. Our public customers rely on us with confidence for timely delivery, accuracy and precision in highly specialised legal and technical texts. 

Private enterprises

Reliability and precision – we share your mind-set!

You will find in us the same qualities that make the difference in your business: speed and quality – competitively priced. Whether you want to break into a new market or launch a product, we ensure that your communication needs are met.

Science, technology and research

With our broad-ranging and long track record in highly specialised technical and scienti- fic translations, we deliver im- peccable results in fast-changing fields such as biotech, energy, medicine and the environment. All specialist translations are handled by highly experienced and qualified translators.


A showcase example:

Just one example among many: our English translation for one of the leading wineries in Sardinia: Argiolas from Serdiana (Cagliari). We have paired well-crafted language with the website’s stylish graphics to best present to English-speaking wine buffs the winery’s commitment to quality wine-making and environmental sustainability. That's our contribution to tell the right story of a winery, and so to raise the competitiveness of our clients' products. Now it's up to you to taste!



Science speaks... (with our help)

An example of how Networld plays a role in promoting Sardinia as a hub of scientific research is our work for the website of "Sardegna Ricerche" the Region’s science park promotion agency for which we handle the English version. Our work is appreciated by the international experts using the website, further proof of the precision and effectiveness of our translations, again strictly handled by our highly experienced, specialised professionals.


Attract your guests... (in their own language)

Another major project, showing our ability to handle efficiently large-scale multilingual projects is our ongoing work for the Regional Government’s Tourism Portal "Sardegna Turismo". All the translations into German, English, Russian and French are done by Networld. A website with high visibility, playing a key role for the Island’s tourist economy, where a flowing, engaging style is key in capturing the visitors’ attention. Just check out here:



Google Translator... and the pitfalls of 'lost in translation'

Automated translation is still a long way from replacing humans. But "lost in trans- lation" is a risk to be always on the watch-out for: all translators from time to time grapple with the difficulty of translating particular phrases or expressions which don’t have a one-to-one match, or of conveying the communica- tive force of the original. It is here that translation is re- vealed as a sophisticated intellectual task. Relying on inexperienced translators or, worse, an app is the sure way to fail:


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